Why bubbles?

Because bubbles are as beautiful and ephemeral as life. Simple soap bubbles in the sunlight, reflecting itself in the eyes of children. Happiness is there, as pure as a child’slaugh.


Of course there were also the bubbles in comic books, the ones I never read as a child, for I would dream my own stories while watching the drawings.

And the heart?

For love, obviously! The love of reading, and more precisely, the love of stories and their illustrations.

Watching the lips of my mother while she was reading stories remains one of my happiest childhood memories.


But the heart is for, most of all, the immense gratitude and joy in front of the heart of my daughter. Her little heart wasn’t properly “designed” but has been “remodeled” by surgery. Therefore, to watch her grow and smile gives me a very unique emotion: it feels like having a thousand bubbles popping inside my heart - daily happiness.

To blow bubbles and read stories to children, that’s the essential. And today, to be able to illustrate their songs or stories is (a little, a lot, passionately) to rediscover inside their eyes the wonder hardly accessible to the hearts of adults.


I thank my children and my companion for life with his incredibly creative child’s heart. You are the bubbles dearest to my heart.


© 2018 Bénédicte De Sousa Ripeau